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Bit depth : 16 bits
Language : English
Subtitles : Dutch
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Title: The Great British Year
Released: 2013
Genre: Documentary
Issued: United Kingdom

A portrait of the spectacular, dynamic nature of Britain over the course of one year.

Episode 1: Winter
Duration: 00:51:36

Starting on New Years Day, Britain is in the grip of winter. Time-lapses show a magical country shrouded in frost and mist swirling in hollows. Water becomes the enemy as it freezes, and the wildlife must cope. Red squirrels resort to subterfuge, and kites track a farmer ploughing to get at the worms beneath the frost. As winter fades, adders bask in the sun and the woodland floor erupts with snowdrops. On a lake in Wiltshire, new hope is captured in the evocative dance of the great crested grebe.

Episode 2: Spring
Duration: 00:51:40

Spring marks the start of an epic race for life where timing is everything; trees explode with blossom and mornings fill with the magical chorus of bird song. Long-tailed tits frantically build nests, whilst in our oceans, seahorses sway to a graceful courtship dance.

As we celebrate Easter, a stoat mother hunts the young rabbits to feed her own playful young. As spring becomes summer, Guillemot chicks leap from their cliffs to begin life at sea, and this years young prepare for life alone.

Episode 3: Summer
Duration: 00:52:09

Whilst the human population of Britain kicks back, summer is boom time for the animals. More sun means more food, but animals are arriving from afar to share, and competition is high. Hunters time their arrival from Africa to feast on the huge glut of flying insects, hobbies race after dragonflies, and thermal cameras reveal nightjars on a Dorset heath. Will the weather hold? One day harmful UV rays force sea urchins to cover up; the next, thunderstorms bring out hordes of hungry snails.

Episode 4: Autumn
Duration: 00:51:19

The fading sun brings an energy change to Britain: a time of storms and unpredictable weather. The trees go dormant, but not before a final fling of colour. For animals, the shortening days are a cue to prepare, hibernating and hoarding for the dark times ahead. For some, its still a time to breed; deer rut, seals give birth and the Atlantic salmon leaps waterfalls in order to lay its eggs. Beneath the fallen leaves, slime moulds, earthworms and fungi take advantage of autumns spoils.

Dung lượng: 10.5 GiB (4 Episodes)

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