Chip And Dale Vol 1,2 DVD9

Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) [Video]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch [AC3]
Subtitle: DVD Subtitles [SubPicture]

[SPOILER]Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers vol.1

1. Catteries not Included
2. Three Men and a Booby
3. The Carpetsnaggers
4. Piratsy Under the Seas
5. Adventures in Squirrelsitting
6. Flash the Wonder Dog
7. The Pound of the Baskervilles
8. Parental Discretion Retired
9. Risky Beesness


1. Bearing up Baby
2. Out to Launch
3. Dale Beside Himself
4. Kiwi's Big Adventure
5. A Lad In A Lamp
6. The Battle of the Bulge
7. Ghost of a Chance
8. An Elephant Never Suspects
9. A Case of Stageblight


1. The Luck Stops Here
2. Fake me to Your Leader
3. Last Train to Cashville
4. The Case of the Cola Cult
5. Throw Mummy From the Train
6. A Wolf in Cheap Clothing
7. Prehysterical Pet
8. Robocat (Робокот)
9. Does Pavlov Ring A Bell?

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers vol.2


1. To The Rescue (1)
2. To The Rescue (2)
3. To The Rescue (3)
4. To The Rescue (4)
5. To The Rescue (5)
6. A Creep in the Deep
7. Normie's Science Project
8. Seer No Evil


1. Chipwrecked Shipmunks
2. When Mice Were Men
3. Chocolate Chips
4. The Last Leprechaun
5. Weather or Not
6. One Upsman-Chip
7. Shell Shocked
8. Love is a Many Splintered Thing


1. Song of the Night n' Dale
2. Double O'Chipmunk
3. Gadget Goes Hawaiian
4. It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!
5. Short Order Crooks
6. Mind Your Cheese and Q's
7. Out of Scale
8. Dirty Rotten Diapers



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