Power Rangers Movie 2017 Whenever Hollywood attempts to reboot a beloved, pre-existing property on the big screen, it always feels more or less reconstructed in a way to be more accessible for all kinds of audiences, and less specific than the original incarnation may have ever been. The best thing that can be said about 2017’s Power Rangers then - Saban and Lionsgate’s new attempt at bringing the iconic title back to life as a large scale blockbuster - is that it doesn’t ever feel like it betrays the core values of the Power Rangers franchise.

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That may be a disappointing selling point of the film though for those who never quite connected to the property in the first place but are going in expecting it to be a much different or darker approach than its previous incarnations. Make no mistake, this Power Rangers is still just as campy and cheesy as the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, but it just looks much better than that early ’90s version could ever be. To put it simply, this is very much a film for the fans out there who always wondered what Power Rangers might look like if the budget for the special effects and action sequences matched the ambition of them.
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