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The setup sounds like “Rainman Annie” or something. But even the most high-concept movie is execution-dependent,
and the execution here is far better than the premise leads one to expect. And as executed, the premise plays rather
differently—more of a “Kramer vs. Kramer” meets “Little Man Tate” vibe. In the middle of the proceedings,
my jaw almost dropped: “This is a child-custody … what’s the word … melodrama!!!” And I don’t say melodrama l
ike it’s a bad thing. The world could use more of them these days as far as I’m concerned.

If “Gifted” works for you as it did me, it’s mostly because of the cast, but also the way the story unpeels.
Chris Evans is at his most effectively Evans-y in the role of Frank, who leads a mystifyingly quasi-carefree life
repairing boats and looking after extremely adorable Mary (Mckenna Grace).
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