Watch Movie Stray Bullets (2016)
This one is a real dilemma kiddies. Especially with all the outstanding movies currently being released It's
hard not to compare so I shan't make that mistake. STRAY BULLETS - A feature movie written, directed,
produced, music composer, & acted in by a 16 year old (even with Dad's production company assistance)
is a magnificent achievement by any standard. But the lack of experience here is glaringly obvious.
Regrettably the script meanders willy nilly around an open field with no definitive or positive bearings followed.

There are unnecessary elements added with no rhyme or reason. Many, many tracks are trodden only to culminate
in dead ends for unexplained reasons. Many, many tracks that should have been explored more fully are
suddenly closed leaving the viewer lost and wondering who and why. Disjointed editing made for unclear,
hard to understand and random appearances by characters that seemed to have no influence on the story
These are scattered throughout whilst the major players are not fleshed out at all.

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